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Can I teach English as a non-native teacher?

Since October 2016, a new work permit policy has been enforced by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), which classifies foreign workers into three categories, ranking them as an A, B, or C expat, based on their profession, level of education, work experience.

In the new policy, English teachers should be native English speakers with a bachelor’s degree from their home country and have two years of teaching experience or a qualified teaching certificate. 

Before this new policy, non-native English speakers could work as English teachers with a bachelor’s degree. However, under the new policy, the bar has been raised. Non-native speakers cannot be English teachers, even if they obtain an education or English degree from an English-speaking country.

However, suppose they have a teaching major in English or Education. They might get a job in smaller cities where the policies are not as strict as in some Tier 1 cities. 

How about teaching a subject, like science, music or art, etc. as a non-native teacher?

Suppose you are a non-native English teacher with an excellent clear accent. Furthermore, you have a school subject Bachelor’s or above degree as your major. You have two years of proven subject teaching experience, either in your country or China. You can teach that subject in an international school. It would also depend on the requirement and curriculum of the school. If they follow a specific curriculum, like IB, A-Level, PGCE, American or Canadian, you would need a teaching license or curriculum-specific training.  

Who is Johbella Recruiters?

Johbella Recruitersis a recruiting company in China, with John Botha as the CEO. He has worked as a teacher for the last 20+ years in China as a foreign teacher. He knows the market and has worked in learning centers, kindergartens, primary and high schools, online, and with adults during his time in China.
We work directly with schools that require teachers. We then advertise these vacancies on social media like WeChat and Facebook. We will introduce you to the schools if you contact us, and we do not employ you. We are the mediator between you and the school. We do not ask you for money to get a job for you. It is entirely free.


Candidate Eddy

I have had a very positive and excellent experience with Johbella Recruiters getting a teaching job.  The staff is super friendly in their efforts and communicate well.  There’s no fee for getting your wages, unlike many agencies. I would recommend them.  Very good agency and helpful.  They sent many offers anywhere in China, so if u are looking for a job, this is a good place to be. 

Eddy,   Science Teacher


Ian candidate

I’m Ian, an American English teacher living in China.  Recently I was looking for a new teaching position with a high salary. After dealing with several recruiters from different agencies, I was not able to find a suitable job.  I met John from Johbella Recruiters and his colleague through WeChat. They were able to find me a suitable position at an international kindergarten. That was exactly what I wanted and the school offered me the highest salary I’ve had yet in China.  The process from adding John to signing the contract was 3 days. I am very satisfied and grateful for their assistance! If you need a job, contact them ASAP!

Ian, English Teacher



I had a great experience with Johbella Recruiters during my latest job search. The online platform at tefljohn.com is convenient to use and made it easy to search and apply for the available jobs in the city. John and his colleagues considered my personal preferences and matched me with the perfect job. They are friendly, professional and helpful and I would recommend them to anyone. 

Estie-Lome,  English Teacher,  South Africa

Tammy candidate

John and his team at Johbella Recruiters found me a great and satisfying job. I love that Jane was so determined.  She answered every question I had and cleared up every doubt I had. I would highly recommend Johbella Recruiters to any of my friends currently seeking a job. 

Tammi, Kindergarten Teacher